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Emaus International

Better than you had ever expected

Full truck load transport
<p>We provide FTL services domestically and intra-EU.</p>
Transport of containers
We transport sea containers from the ports in Rotterdam, Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Gdynia.
Express transport
With our modern fleet, we offer express deliveries of urgent shipments as small as a single package and as large as 25 tons.
Bulk transport
We offer bulk transport of the following goods across Poland and the EU: chemicals, foodstuffs, feeds, minerals, powders and granulates.


Modern technologies

  • We are a modern company funded with Polish capital, rapidly developing in the TSL sector.
  • We have extensive experience in transports within the EU. 
  • Our modern fleet equipped with load securing systems guarantees the safety of the transported goods.
  • We manage a modern fleet of vehicles and use the newest information technologies in our transport processes.

In the transport and logistics market.


Goods delivered daily.