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Emaus International

Better than you had ever expected

Full Truck Load Transport

We provide FTL services domestically and intra-EU. Our extensive experience allows us to perform fast deliveries. Shipments in Poland are carried out within 24h. Delivery times for shipments abroad are discussed with clients, however, they do not exceed 72h.

We transport the following product groups: FMCG products, construction materials, home appliances, electronics, household chemicals and raw materials for production.

We perform deliveries for retail chains, central warehouses and reloading terminals.

Our modern fleet equipped with load securingsystems guarantees the safety of the transported goods.


We provide instant updates on the current stage of the order completion.


Our fleet includes 33-pallet semi trailers: curtains, mega curtains, isotherms, refrigerated trailers, MULDA-type trailers, flatbeds as well as 38-pallet jumbo road trains and silos for bulk goods transportation.

Less Than Truckload Transport

With us, you can transport from 1 to 25 pallets domestically and abroad. We offer consolidation of smaller loads onto one vehicle, which we deliver directly to domestic and foreign consignees.

Container Transport

We transport sea containers from the ports in Rotterdam, Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Gdynia. We offer transportation of 20’, 40’ and 45’ HC sea containers. Additionally, we exchange sea containers and have extensive experience cooperating with customs and intermodal operators.

Express Transport

We offer express deliveries of urgent shipments as small as a single package and as large as 25 tons. Our shipments are performed via a modern fleet with load capacity of 1,5 tons, 3,5 tons and 25 tons with double manning. Using the Just-In-Time system, deliveries may be shipped directly to the production line. Deliveries within EU countries are performed from 12h to 48h. We provide direct contact with the forwarder and driver throughout the entire transportation process. Every year, we perform thousands of door-to-door transports.

Bulk Transport

We offer bulk transport of the following goods across Poland and the EU: chemicals, foodstuffs, feeds, minerals, powders and granulates. We use a modern fleet of articulated vehicles combined with suitable trailers:

  • flat silos (34-37 m3) designed for transporting bulk construction materials, such as: cement, lime, gypsum, sand and ash;
  • tipping silos (45 m3) intended for transporting bulk construction materials, chemicals and feeds;
  • tipping silos (60 m3) used for transporting plastic granulates and other bulk materials.

Additionally, each vehicle is equipped with a screw compressor for self-unloading of transported materials, which saves time and facilities the unloading process.