Social Responsibility

Emaus Int. aims to create a better social reality by engaging in numerous educational and research projects:

In industry meetings, we speak up about the role of transport in protecting the natural environment. We support seminars and scientific conferences devoted to the logistics industry, such as:

  • Logistics Clusters in the Process of Regional Development (Łódź, 2011);
  • Electronic Freight Exchanges – Opportunities and Risks for the Industry (Spała, 2014);
  • The Relations Between the Science and Business in the Logistics Industry (Piotrków Tryb. 2015);
  • Logistics Process Management (Łódź, 2016);
  • Driver Market Research (Łodź, 2018/2019).

Employees of Emaus Int. share their experience and expertise by conducting classes at the Department of Management at University of Łódź as part of Postgraduate Studies in “Logistics Process Management”; first and second-cycle studies at the Faculty of Logistics.

We co-author and finance publications devoted to logistics, such as:

  • Elektroniczne giełdy transportowe. Wydawnictwo Difin. Warszawa 2015;
  • w przygotowaniu: Electronic freight exchanges in Poland. Wydanie w 2016;
  • Электронный обмен грузов в Польше. Wydanie w 2016;
  • Zarządzanie infrastrukturą i operacjami logistycznymi Difin. Warszawa 2016;
  • Systemy elektroniczne w transporcie drogowym. Difin. Warszawa 2018